Thermomatic CC 2.0

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Thermomatic CC is a constant regulator for controlling a rotating mixing valve with a 90 degree turning angle.

  • Thermomatic CC can be used for both cooling and heating applications, such as constant regulation of the supply temperature for an underfloor heating system or for keeping a constant return temperature to a solid fuel boiler.
  • The set point is adjustable between 0°C-99°C.
  • Settings are easily made using the knob on the regulator, which are resistant to mechanical contact, as well as to dust and moisture.

Technical data

Operating time:
15 Nm
Turning angle: 90
Control type:
Voltage:24 VAC
Power consumption:7,5 VA (6 VA standby)
IP code:IP 44
Safety class:II

Art. No: 12 30 03

Thermomatic CC with flow temperature sensor

Art. No: 12 30 03E

Thermomatic CC with flow temperature sensor and UK adapter