Laddotank Eco Combi 1

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Laddotank Eco Combi 1 are accumulator tanks for heating systems.
The tanks are equipped with a stainless steel coil for domestic hot water and are available in sizes from 500 l and upwards.

Laddotank has been designed for thermal energy storage in waterborne heating systems, and to optimize the operating conditions of the heat source (ie. heat pump, oil, wood, pellet, sun etc).
The tank can produce hot water for sanitary use thanks to the built-in coil made of stainless steel.
The tank makes is possible to maintain a good hot water production, even if the temperature in the primary system isn't very high (for example heat pump as primary source and solar heat as support).
The tank increases the user's heating comfort significantly thanks to a steady supply of thermal energy even when the boiler is not running.

Steel construction with exterior paint.

Model 500: Hard PUR (not removable).
Other models: Soft polyester fleece, made of 100% recyclable material, with high thermal insulation and low thermal conductivity: 0,035 W / mK.
Fire resistance class Bs2d0 according to EN 13501 (B1 according to DIN 4102).
Covered in gray PVC jacket and lid.

All tanks are Energy class C.

Stainless (316L) steel corrugated pipes, suitable for drinkable water according to D.M. n. 174 dated 06.04.04

Art. No.: 19 308 105

Laddotank Eco Combi 1, 500

Art. No.: 19 308 108

Laddotank Eco Combi 1, 800

Art. No: 19 308 110

Laddotank Eco Combi 1, 1000

Art. No.: 13 70 01

Immersion heater 6 kW. Connection R40, 1 1/2".

Art. No: 13 70 02

Immersion heater 9 kW. Connection R40, 1 1/2".

Art. No.: 13 30 06

Thermometer 0-120°C, incl. submersible tube, L=150 mm, R15 / 1/2", Ø63.

We have the above tanks and accessories in stock. For more info as measures, volumes etc, please see catalogue below, or contact us.