Laddomat 20

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The Laddomat 20 is a complete unit and is simple to install. It ensures perfect charging of the tank. Thanks to efficient hot water control, the same as in our Laddomat 21 series, Laddomat 20 can have a higher opening temperature at high boiler output compared to other similar products.

Laddomat 20 raises the return temperature to the bottom of the boiler. This prevents corrosion and tar formation, which extends the service life of the boiler significantly.
Laddomat 20 enables the boiler to quickly attain it’s optimal working temperature, with high combustion temperature and lower emissions as result.

The Laddomat then charges with a controlled flow and a high and even temperature. This is vital to achieve stratification in the tank and the important boundary layer between hot and cold water is therefore optimal for best efficiency.

During the final part of firing, Laddomat 20 charges the storage tank fully, thanks to the unique thermal valve, which closes the bypass port completely.

Laddomat 20 is provided with a check valve for self- circulation. In a properly built system this works as a safety in case the pump stops during firing, i.e. power failure. Cold water from the bottom of the storage tank is allowed to circulate through the check valve, into the bottom of the boiler, preventing dry boiling and, in the best case, overheating of the boiler.

Self-circulation can also help to make use of the residual heat in the boiler after firing or allow the boiler to be fired (on low output) when power is gone.

Laddomat 20 has a simple construction with generous sealing surfaces, for easy fitting.

Laddomat 20 is manufactured for maximum service life and problem free function.

EPP insulation is standard.

Technical data

Pump:4 m (non EU)
9 m ErP
Thermostat cartridge: 53°, 57°, 63°, 66°, 72°, 78°, 83° or 87°C
Max. boiler output:60 kW