Laddomat 11-100

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The Laddomat 11-100 has been replaced by Laddomat 11-200 since 2017.

  • Laddomat 11 raises the return temperature to the bottom of the boiler. This prevents corrosion and tar formation, which extends the service life of the boiler.
  • Laddomat 11 enables the boiler to attain working temperature in a very short space of time. This improves boiler efficiency.
  • Laddomat 11 charges the accumulator tank by means of a slow flow of hot water. A thin boundary layer in the tank is necessary for an effective, easy-to operate boiler system. With Laddomat 11 separation is optimal.
  • During the final part of firing, Laddomat 11 charges the accumulator tank fully, thanks to the unique thermal valve, which chokes the bypass port.
  • Laddomat 11 is supplied with ball valves to facilitate any servicing without having to drain the system.
  • EPP insulation fitted as standard in the Laddomat 11-100.

Technical data 11-100

Pump: 6 m (non EU) (max 90 kW)
6 m (max 105 kW)
7,5 m (max 110 kW)
10 m (max 175 kW)
12 m (max 200 kW)
Connections: Cu28
R40 adapterkit
R50 adapterkit
Thermostat cartridge: 53°, 57°, 63°, 66°, 72°, 78°, 83° or 87°C
Max. boiler output: 200 kW (see diagram)