Laddomat MR 50

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Laddomat MR 50 is used for charging and discharging between the main tank and extra tanks. The double non-return valve that is included means that the flow can go in both directions.

  • The extra tanks can be positioned a long way from the main tank.
  • No involuntary circulation between the tanks.
  • Piping can be made with the smaller dimensions = easier and cheaper installation.
  • Efficient separation = large accumulation capacity
  • Optimisation of solar heating, if fitted.


  • Sys 50 - Charging/discharging between tank/tank. Charging from the main tank to the extra slave tank/tanks. Charging can be stopped when the slave tank is fully charged. Discharging from the slave tank occurs when the main tank drops below the set temperature. Used to easily expand the accumulator volume with one or more tanks, even if they are not directly located next to the main tank due to lack of space.
  • Sys 51 - Charging/discharging between tank/tank with extra charging. With e.g. a solar coil in the main tank, this system can be used to optimise the efficiency of solar panels. The tanks are filled in two stages, which also maximises the charging volume. It is also possible to use this to prevent the system from overheating, for example when burning wood.

Sensors that are not used for control can be used for temperature reading in a separate menu.

Function Sys 50


When the boiler heats the main tank so that the temperature is higher than the set temperature, the charging pump starts to pump hot water into the slave tank. The sensor in the bottom of the slave tank stops the process when the slave tank is fully charged.


When the main tank is cold, the discharging pump starts and pumps over hot water from the top of the slave tank to the main tank. This takes place at a low flow thanks to that the Laddomat 5000 valve is equipped with a strong choke. Efficient separation of the heat is thereby achieved in both tanks. Discharging can only be started if the slave tank is warmer than the main tank.

Additional heating

Discharging can be interrupted at the desired temperature at the tank top sensor and, the additional heating, if any, may then be started in addition.

Function Sys 51

Extra charging

A fourth sensor can be put in the main tank to force the charging pump, in this way optimise use of any solar heating. By heating in two steps the solar coil can heat the primary tank first and then heat up the entire system. It is first then that the entire volume's temperature is increased. It is also possible to use this function to prevent the system from overheating, for example when burning wood.

Laddomat 5000 – patented double non-return valve, DBV

A double non-return valve is fitted in order to prevent involuntary circulation between the tanks. This has an integrated choke of the flow during discharging that provides optimum separation. As the non-return valve is spring-loaded in both directions it is completely mode-independent.