Laddomat MR 30

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Laddomat MR 30 is used for batch charging between the main tank and slave tank.

  • Reduces culvert losses.
  • Increases accumulation capacity.
  • Automatic start of additional heating when the main tank is empty.
  • Non-return valve and automatic stop of the charging pump guarantees that additional heating does not heat the main tank.
  • There is an option to customise to send heat back to the main tank, e.g. if the slave tank has a solar coil.


  • Sys 30 - Culvert control. Batch charging from, e.g. a main tank in a separate boiler room into a slave tank in the living areas. Batch charging significantly reduces heat losses in the culvert.
  • Sys 31 - Culvert control with return charging. Culvert control can be supplemented for return charge with an extra sensor and pump. This will start the return charging, for example, if a solar coil is fitted in the slave tank and it overheats. The surplus heat is returned to the main tank in the boiler room.

Sensors that are not used for control can be used for temperature reading in a separate menu.

Scope of delivery:

Sys 30

  • Laddomat MR, complete.
  • Spring-loaded non-return valve BV FB40-T
  • Charge pump LM6A-130, with 2 x ball valves.

As above but also with a temperature limiter to protect PEX culvert:

  • Laddomat MR, complete.
  • Charge pump LM6A-130, as above.
  • Thermal valve Laddomat 31-200 with built-in nonreturn valve, 72°C, with 3 x ball valves and EPP insulation. Thermostat cartridge with 78°C opening temperature is included.

Sys 31

  • Laddomat MR, complete.
  • Laddomat 5000 double non-return valve, with 2 pumps LM 6A, 130 mm and ball valves.

As above but also with a temperature limiter to protect PEX culvert:

  • Thermal valve Laddomat 31-200, as above, but adapter for return flow.

For sensor installation, the following are always included:

4 x 3-bulb submersible tubes for bulbs with D=6 mm. R15, L=150 mm, and 2 x sensor holders and hose ties for pipe fitting.